The Other Side of Pikes Peak

Florissant, Divide, Guffey, Lake George Colorado LandI’ve had more than a few calls this past month from buyers who are searching for land tracts that are over 20 acres. I also have buyers interested in homes that have more than the usual less than an acre lots that you find in the Woodland Park, CO area.

Have you been looking for a little private mountain cabin, land to build your dream home or a new place to call home where you can enjoy big views and amazing wildlife and haven’t seen anything that’s the perfect fit? Maybe you have been looking in the wrong spot.

Many people are familiar with Woodland Park, just up Ute Pass heading west out of Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, I see too many buyers that stop their search close to that area. What they are missing is the bounty of beautiful homes and land only a few more miles out West along the Hwy. 24 corridor.

The towns of Divide, Florissant and Lake George Colorado are all mountain towns that are still within easy commuting distance to Colorado Springs. If you haven’t heard of the little hidden mountain town of Guffey then it is worth a visit too during your home and land search. Canon City is a 40 min. drive to the south.

If you interested in finding a home with less than 5 acres there is still inventory in the area but it is being sold quickly. No matter what your Colorado Real Estate dreams are I can help.

Head west to find more than a few hidden treasures. Sabrina Kelley 719-963-1630


Wildflower Season in Colorado

This year has been warmer than usual in the Colorado mountains. The monsoon season generally begins in mid to late July. Expect to see short and sometimes intense afternoon showers during the summer months. Head up into Woodland Park, Divide, Guffey and the surrounding Teller county and South Park areas to escape the heat. This area of Colorado offers beautiful mountain homes, vacation cabins and affordable Colorado land. Beat the hectic city pace and move to the Pikes Peak Region before its all Sold.

Contact me if you need more infomation about the area. If you are thinking about owning a piece of Colorado, then you are moving in the right direction.

Colorado Elk Season

elk_huntingFlorissant Fossil Beds National Monument will begin its’ autumnal season evening elk walks starting Sept. 19th. The event consists of a two mile hike on which a guide will assist you with your efforts to hear and see elk. The walk includes a short educational talk. You can call and make reservations for the event at 719-748-3253.

Colorado offers abundant elk sighting opportunities during the fall and early winter months. Bull Elk, also known as wapiti, will bugle. The bull elk doesn’t eat for weeks and spends all of his time collecting cows and making sure that they are with him. Bull elk protect the cows and it is sometimes an eerie moment when you see a bull elk stand up and prepare to defend his cows. Elk bugles define the landscape during this time of the year.

Poaching is always an issue during elk hunting season which will begin soon. The Colorado Department of Wildlife has a terrific website where you can learn about the legalities of hunting in Colorado.

I am not a hunter myself. But,I do understand that an over abundance of any species can be a detriment to others. I know of many people who never kill but love the beauty of being in the great outdoors during the hunting season. Some hunt with a gun, a bow, a pair of binoculars or a camera. Beauty can be appreciated through many different devices. Hunt responsibly.

Many Excellent opportunities exist for the vacationer, second home owner, frustrated city dweller,  or the avid nature lover to purchase a piece of Colorado. Contact me for more information about the amazing homes, mountain cabins and land parcelsfor sale in the Pikes Peak Region.

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